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Former Milwaukee Wave player charged after passenger shoots two victims following traffic incident

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- 10 years ago, Tyrone Gordon played for the Milwaukee Wave soccer team. Now, he's facing two counts of being party to attempted murder.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to a shooting near 74th and Appleton back in June. Upon arrival, officers located two shooting victims who were later transported to a local hospital.

Officers spoke with a witness who said she was riding in a car with the two victims when their car was struck from behind by Tyrone Gordon's car. The two victims then got out of the car to exchange information with Gordon and Gordon's front seat passenger, Evan Brookshire. Brookshire was allegedly carrying a gun. According to the complaint, Brookshire then fired around six times, injuring the two victims.

Police were able to locate Gordon's vehicle. He was taken into custody along with Brookshire and a third person named Jason McLemore.

Officers recovered a revolver and spent cartridge casings from the vehicle.

Officers interviewed Gordon who said he was coming to a stop at a stop light when they bumped into the car in front. He and Brookshire got out to check for damage. Both allegedly agreed that there was no damage and so they went back to their vehicles. Gordon said that Brookshire and one of the victims then exited their respective vehicles and began to exchange words before shots were fired. Gordon said he saw Brookshire shooting. Gordon said they then drove away. 

Gordon will have his final pre-trial on January 26.

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