Former Milwaukee mayor Frank Zeidler’s daughter, Anita, passes away selling shirts at Laborfest

Updated: 2:26 p.m. September 5, 2018

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- According to a report from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner Zeidler was selling t-shirts at the Summerfest Grounds during Laborfest when she collapsed. She told her sister right before that she did not feel well and was light-headed. Police say she hit her head.

She was taken to St. Luke's where she died in the emergency department.

Zeidler was known as a city activist and volunteered for different organizations. 


Posted: 6:47 a.m. September 5, 2018

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The daughter of a former Milwaukee mayor passed away unexpectedly this week.

According to the Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, Anita Zeidler died at age 73.

Zeidler is the daughter of former mayor Frank P. Zeidler. She served as the treasurer for the Zeidler Center Board for four years.

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