Former employee charged with orchestrating robbery at Milwaukee gas station

NOW: Former employee charged with orchestrating robbery at Milwaukee gas station

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Police say a suspect staged a robbery at a gas station near Port Washington and Green Tree Road. The suspect was then able to steal thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets, cash, and cigarettes.

Melissa Olson is the manager of the BP Gas Station where 26-year-old Bianca Coleman worked for about 2 months before police say she orchestrated a robbery.

"She was not trembling, there were no tears," said Olson.

On October 24, police say they got a call from Coleman. She told them two men with a gun entered the store, pushed her into a corner and demanded money. Coleman told police she refused until they put a gun to her head, then she opened the register. She also told police the suspects went into the backroom and destroyed the video surveillance equipment.

"The back area was all messed up, her purse was back there, it was not touched. The camera system was broke, they did take two of the hard drives out of it," Olson said.

But, a back up hard drive survived and told a very different story from Colemans. Police say Coleman opened the cash register without hesitation and even stocked up on more than $7,000 worth of lottery tickets, cigarettes, and cash in preparation for the arrival of the suspects.

"She's grabbing the lottery tickets, she turned the lights off at 10:30," said Olson.

Police say Coleman admitted one of the suspects was her ex-boyfriend.

Coleman was bound over for trial today. Her bail was set at $15,000. As for her two accomplices, police say they're still looking for them. 

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