Former CEO of Largest Coupon Clearinghouse Sentenced to Federal Prison after Milwaukee Store Owner Came Forward

The former CEO of the nation’s largest coupon clearinghouse was sentenced in a Federal Court in Milwaukee to 10 years in prison and to pay $65 million in restitution.

 “The investigation that ultimately led to the prosecution and conviction of Mr. Balsiger and his codefendants stemmed from a single Milwaukee store owner contacting law enforcement to report that someone had offered her money to use her store’s name to submit fraudulent coupons,” said United States Attorney Haanstad.

According to United States Attorney’s Office, Thomas Balsiger is the former CEO of International Outsourcing Services.

In December 2016, he was found guilty of 10 counts of wire fraud, one count of wire fraud conspiracy and one count of conspiring to obstruct justice.

“The widespread grocery coupon fraud, perpetrated by Mr. Balsiger and others, cost our community millions of dollars. We expect this sentencing to serve as a warning to any future offenders looking to defraud the American people,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Justin Tomoleo said of the sentence.

Balsiger allegedly provided and directed others to provide false information to law enforcement and grand jury.

This included sending a private investigator to “menace” a witness.

Balsiger falsely blamed cooperating witnesses for his own criminal conduct.

He perjured himself at trial.

Judge Clevert was found Balsiger’s “unwarranted attacks” and attempts to intimidate and threaten the prosecution team were “beyond the pale” and the “worst abuse” of the judicial process that he had seen during his tenure as a judge. 

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