Former Butler Officer does not confess guilt in court

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- As part of a plea deal former Butler Officer Brian Pergande resigned after he was charged with taking inappropriate photos of a woman in his custody.

In return his felony charge was reduced to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor charge. But once in court, Pergande denied his guilt, saying he took the photos and they were later cropped or blown up.

\"I took photos that were then blown up I believe.\" The judge then asked him why he would accept the deal and he said, \"I was instructed it was a wise thing to do sir.\"

Pergande now has one more hearing to confess guilt or the judge is sending the case to a jury trial for the original felony charge.

Pergande has also filed a federal civil suit claiming he's the victim of the Whistle-blower Act and retaliation after he accused people in his department of unethical behavior.

As for the photos, Pergande told the judge he took photos of the woman in his custody to send her to an outside agency for drug treatment and alluded the photos were cropped after the fact.

The Village of Butler would not comment, but they did confirm they had gone over budget for legal fees more than $60,000.


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