Former Butler Board member speaks out about police scandal

MILWAUKEE-- Days after leaving Butler's Village Board, Sue Hasselgrave is speaking out.

\"I think we need to be accountable and have transparency.\"

Hasselgrave says the Village of Butler can't handle mounting legal costs after two officers were suspended in an ongoing scandal. Officer Brian Pergande was suspended after accusations he took pictures of strippers breasts and Chad Rahn was suspended for violating department rules.

Hasselgrave says, \"The big concern is the financial strain on the Village of Butler, this is going to cost us quite a bit of money.\"

The village administrator confirmed the debt saying since the scandal began in 2013 they're still paying Pergande at least $60,000 a year even though he doesn't work.

As for legal fees, the administrator says it cost the village city $85,000 in legal fees when they only budgeted $24,000. That has the village's legal budget over by $61,000.

Hasselgrave says, \"It's going to have to come out of the general fund and we'll have to cut something.\"

Hasselgrave says until recently the police department never had any reviews done on its staff. She says it's that transparency that will make all the difference in helping the village move forward.

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