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Forecast is full of winter weather. Take your pick.

NOW: Forecast is full of winter weather. Take your pick.


MIlwaukee (CBS 58)--Our dangerous chill in place hangs on through Friday and into the weekend.  The Wind Chill Advisory is in effect until noon today.  This means it will feel like -20 to -30 at times.  Even during the heat of the day, it won't feel warm at all.  The wind chill numbers will stay below zero.  Highs today, if lucky, will be near 5.  Highs this weekend will be 5-10.  The "chills" stay below zero. 

We do have the chance for some snow showers into Saturday evening. But the much bigger push will be coming Sunday night and lasting through much of Monday.  We have the chance for substantial snow.  Of course the entire CBS 58 Ready Weather team will keep you on top of the weather situation.

Behind the next big snow, we get dangerously cold.  Again.  We'll see temperatures, actual air readings, near -15.  

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