Fond du Lac Fire Department: Elementary School Teacher Finds Acer Electronic Reader on Fire in Classroom

FOND DU LAC - A scary situation at a Fond du Lac Elementary School today after an e-reader device caught fire.

The City of Fond du Lac Fire Department responded after a teacher called 911. A student noticed the tablet was smoking.

According to Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue's Twitter page, the teacher located an Acer ebook on fire. It was not being charged or used at the time.

"He wanted to make sure that there was no heat transfer and they could get that smoke smell out of there, we work very well with our schools so they get us in and out so we can get into these things and solve the problem," Chief Troy Haase with the Fond du Lac Fire Department. 

The school was not evacuated. Firefighters removed other e-readers from the room as a safety precaution.

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