Fond du Lac community unveils memorial to Trooper Trevor Casper

NOW: Fond du Lac community unveils memorial to Trooper Trevor Casper

Trevor Casper just wanted to protect and serve and that's exactly what he did in his first shift as a Wisconsin State Trooper. Sadly it would also be his last.

In 2015 at just 21-years-old Casper was shot to death by a murder and robbery suspect. On Saturday, the community made his memory permanent.

Hundreds of people gathered in Fond du Lac County Saturday to unveil a bench honoring Trooper Trevor Casper. It was an emotional ceremony that brought a permanent tribute to the spot Trooper Casper laid down his life.

Those in attendance came to honor a fallen hero uncovering a stone bench bearing the name of Trooper Casper.

"This was his first day solo. He was a couple hours into his patrol, and we pray to God that we never go through a situation like this again,” said someone in attendance.

The memorial bench sits behind the Fond du Lac Pick ‘n Save store where Casper was shot and killed in a gun fight with a wanted man. Employees from the store decided to raise the money to fund the tribute

"Between our two stores in Fond du Lac we raised $10,000. This one was basically a no-brainer. It happened in our backyard,” said a store employee.

The memorial will be open year round rain or shine serving as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made that day by Trooper Casper.

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