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Folks urged to wear the color orange October 25th to mark first Unity Day against bullying in Milwaukee County

Longtime community activist Tracey Dent is organizing the first Milwaukee observance of Unity Day on October 25th.

Folks are encouraged to wear orange is a show of solidarity with those who are trying to eliminate bullying in our schools and workplaces.

"Unity Day came up because of County Supervisor Deanna Alexander suggested it as part of a resolution I drafted for October as bullying awareness month," Dent told the CBS 58 News at 4. "She wanted it taken a step further as part of a national movement. She put it in the resolution, It passed. I just ran with it."

Dent has earned the support of the City of Milwaukee Department of Violence Prevention and MPS.

North Division High School will host a special event where two young artists will reveal their anti-bullying song.

Ebony Loren, 16 and Jahbarri Bradshaw,15 collaborated on an original work that they hope will appeal to people of all ages.

"I wanted to help our community," says Bradshaw. "Not just because of bullying but because of the overall violence. I want to help. If I'm not doing anything, how are we helping?"

Dent's crusade against bullying started with his own daughter.

In investigating her case and advocating for her, he stared to hear more and more stories.

Teachers talked at length about being bullied. Adults also in the workplace had stories to share that made Dent feel this was the next issue he had to address publicly.

"Teachers are being bullied," said Dent. "Everybody's being bullied. Even people in ordinary jobs are getting bulled by co-workers. It's not just in the school system. It's everywhere."

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