Flu sufferers turning to smartphone apps to get relief

NOW: Flu sufferers turning to smartphone apps to get relief


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Medical experts say this year's flu strain is deadlier than in years past and the vaccine is not as effective. 

However, getting an appointment with your doctor can be a challenge. One company says they have developed an app that has revolutionized doctor visits. 

The smartphone app "Doctor On Demand" allows flu sufferers to have a medical exam via video chat so they can get diagnosed and receive necessary treatment. 

"They will be walked through an examination," Dr. Ian Tong said. "The doctor will show them where their pulse is and where to feel for the lymph nodes and they may ask them to press on the sinuses."

Busy mother Marisa Azevedo says she has used the app a few times and it's very convenient and effective. 

"The fact that you can just open your mouth and they can see your throat and see what's going on and they can look in your nose and to be able to talk to a person that quickly is amazing," Azevedo said. 

This easy access is important because Pharmacist Megan Haapanen of Lakeview Pharmacy says the flu vaccine is not as effective this year. 

"Unfortunately, the flu vaccine was not a good match this year so the effectiveness is lower than it has been in the past," Haapanen said. 

Haapanen still recommends getting your flu shot though. 

"Doctor on Demand" accepts many major health insurance plans and doctors are available 24 hours a day. 

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