Florida father allegedly kills son so he could play video games

FLORIDA -- A 24-year-old Florida man is charged with willful child neglect and third degree murder after allegedly suffocating his 16-month-old son so he could play Xbox and watch TV.

Cody Wygant was arrested in his home on April 17, 2014 after he confessed to suffocating his son Daymeon Wygant. 

Wygant told sheriff's deputies he was frustrated, because his son's uncontrollable crying was preventing him from playing Xbox. He covered the boy's nose and mouth for three to four minutes until he became unconscious. 

According to investigators, Wygant didn't check Daymeon for five hours while he played Xbox and watched three episodes of \"Fringe\". By the time Wygant finally checked on his child, the child was blue. The child was transported to a hospital, and eventually pronounced dead.

Wygant also has a three-month-old daughter who is now in state custody. Investigators say Wygant has an extensive criminal history in California.

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