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Flood Warning Issued for Fox River in Waukesha Until Tuesday

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Fox River in Waukesha until 1 a.m. Tuesday.

In one spot - markers on a footbridge show the Fox River 3-and-a-half feet higher than what's normal. But some people who live in the area have a few more unique ways to gauge the flooding.

Murky water pours over one ledge drowning a statue of a dragonfly on a lily pad. For locals like Gavin Kilford it's a symbol that the rain has been pretty intense.

"The white flowery parts on it, I just kind of look at it because the flowers are all different heights - and depending of the height of it you can usually tell where the water is at," Kilford said.

Some areas have already been blocked by authorities. A few sidewalks which are lower than most around the Fox River are now underwater.

"The river rises to a certain point that those ledges flood and you can't walk down there, and it actually makes it unwalkable in that area," Gary Meier, who lives nearby, said.

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