Five Bucky on Parade statues at "statue hospital" due to weather damage

MADISON, Wis. (CHANNEL 3000) -- Five Bucky on Parade statues are at the statue hospital, largely due to weather damage, according to the art project's Facebook page. 

Bright Idea Bucky, Funky Buckingham, Signature Bucky, Sunburst and We are Bucky all need repairs. 

Officials said they expect all of the Bucky statues to make a full recovery and they will rejoin the parade as soon as they're able.

Click here to see all of the Bucky statues.

There are more than 85 lifesize Buckys scattered throughout Madison and Dane County that were designed by local and regional artists. 

Bucky No. 60, Sunburst, was found in the water of Lake Mendota near the beach in the area of James Madison Park Thursday morning. Police said Bucky's dip was vandalism and they are investigating the incident. The artist said she was hoping to repair it as soon as possible. 

Updates on the status of the return of these statues are available on the Bucky on Parade website. 

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