First shipment of Coronavirus vaccine cases makes it way to states across the country

(CBS 58) -- Truckloads of Coronavirus vaccines left Pfizer’s plant in Michigan Sunday morning, Dec. 13.

State health leaders say Wisconsin is expected to receive 65,000 doses of Coronavirus vaccines this month.

Nearly, 50,000 of those will be from Pfizer.

CVS said it’s hiring 150 pharmacy technicians in Wisconsin, and more than 10,000 across the country. They say these workers will help with both COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield also accepted his agency’s recommendation on Sunday.

Now, vaccine shots can be given to people age 16 and older.

“It’s a truly remarkable achievement of vaccine development made in less than a year’s time," CBER Director Dr. Peter Marks said.

FDA leaders answered questions about the first COVID-19 vaccine over the weekend.

They say the known benefits outweigh the potential risks.

“The vaccine is one that we’re comfortable giving to patients who have had other allergic reactions, besides those other than severe allergic reactions," Marks said. “We are making sure that sites where this vaccine is being administered have the ability to treat allergic reactions.”

The FDA plans to review the Moderna vaccine, in people 18 years and older, later this week.

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