First Paddle Tavern Tours Along the Milwaukee River are Set to Begin in May

It's not a paddle wheeler but a 'paddle tavern' that soon will be making its way up and down the Milwaukee River downtown.

The folks who brought the 'peddle' tavern to town are now offering a new experience, a human-powered pontoon that will launch from the Harp Irish Pub on East Juneau Street.

"It's a little different, you've got a paddle wheel that you can make more or less difficult by the depth that it's in the water so it can be easier or less on them, and obviously you don't have any hills to go up on the water, so its easier in many respects," said Redmond Tuttle, the manager at Paddle Tavern.

The Paddle Tavern seats fourteen people. There's a sober driver with a coast guard license on board. It's "bring your own beer" so coolers will be available.

The first tours begin in May.

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