First Homeless Facility in Ozaukee County Opens

A new  homeless shelter has opened in Port Washington, and this facility is the first of its kind in Ozaukee County.
It's called the Family Promise Center of Ozaukee County.
Before today there was no housing available for children and families who are temporarily homeless in the area.
But now, they have a place to stay.
More than 4000 people are below poverty level in Ozaukee County, that's about the same as the population for the town of Grafton.
Officials at the shelter told us homelessness in Ozaukee County looks a bit different than what you would see in other areas.
"It's a hidden problem in our community, families who are experiencing homelessness, might have doubled up tripled up split up, unfortunately though we see family sleeping in their cars, and in fact we just heard about a story the other day with the family was living in their van here locally in the area," said Kathleen Fisher, Executive Director of Family Promise Center. 
With this new facility, they will be able to serve all families who need help finding permanent and sustainable housing.
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