Firefighters Enact 'Cold Weather Protocol' in Cold Snap

Fighting fires is already a tough job, but Milwaukee Fire Department Deputy Chief Aaron Lipski says when temps reach single digits and below things only get harder.

"We're throwing water around; it's bitter cold freezing. It's windy," said Deputy Chief  Lipski.

He says the elements can slow down their response time.

"The roads often times can get slick. It slows our travel time to get to a fire, and can let the fire grow a little bit," said Lipski.

Milwaukee Fire Department is currently under what they call "Cold Weather Protocol."

"Cold weather protocol assigns a fourth engine company, a pumper with the hose and the water on it to every structure fire assignment," said Lipski.

Because hydrants can freeze up, the extra truck will provide 500 more gallons of water, and also a handful of extra firefighters go to every call for added safety.

"Importantly, it brings four firefighters on it who can be subbed in if other firefighters are coming out soaking wet and now stepping out of a burning building into sub-zero temperatures; those folks need to be given some relief," said Lipski.

To keep everyone safe in this cold weather Milwaukee Fire recommends everyone stays hydrated and checks up on friends and neighbors -- especially the elderly.

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