Finding the Home of a Lawnmower and Chair

The Sheriff’s Office is on the search for the rightful owner of a lawnmower and chair.

The items were found in the Town of Wayne (Walworth County), left behind in transit to a local scrap yard for environmentally friendly disposal. The Sheriff’s Office reports their investigators can only assume that the owner was unaware of this unfortunate loss and that these essentials fell out of the back of a vehicle and coincidentally landed in a cardboard box.

This physics defying occurrence of such heavy items falling out of a moving vehicle to only be so perfectly placed on the side of the road, is also under investigation.

The cardboard box was formally home to a pink scooter. It may still have sentimental value to the owner and therefore the Sheriff’s Office is willing to facilitate the return. “We do not wish to set a bad example for your child by not returning something that does not belong to us,” says the Sheriff’s Office.

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