Final Day of Wisconsin's Severe Weather Awareness Week Ends with Mock Tornado Drill

NOW: Final Day of Wisconsin’s Severe Weather Awareness Week Ends with Mock Tornado Drill

This week is declared as Wisconsin's Severe Weather Awareness Week. And the weather has been right on cue! Multiple days this week came with a variety of severe weather. Wednesday provided storms along a lifting warm front that trained over the same areas leading to Flash flooding

 Yesterday, we had strong wind toppling large trees, like you see here from last night in Bayview.
 And both days had storms with severe size and even accumulating hail!
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Often times you hear your local weather folk talk about hail size using objects, so here's a good visual to help understand what we share with you and also a look at quarter size hail as the benchmark for what is considered severe status for hail storms. 

Yesterday we were under a Tornado Watch, but fortunately no storms ended up with rotation. Today we end this awareness week with a Mock State Tornado Drill

 In years past you may have heard your communities sound the alarm, sometimes tv and radio stations would break in to alert of the test. That's possible again this year. But more importantly the two times the drill will occur give you opportunities to practice your severe weather safety plan at school and at home. It's a good time to go over what you need in these events and where to go to stay safe. As you know our severe weather season is already off rocking and rolling and we're just getting started. Be safe, be smart and let's enjoy the upcoming warm season sunny or stormy!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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