Fight over abortion in Wisconsin is just beginning if Roe falls

NOW: Fight over abortion in Wisconsin is just beginning if Roe falls

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Even with a law outlawing abortion on the books in Wisconsin, activists on both sides say the fight over abortion will continue.

Tanya Atkinson, President of Planned Parenthood Advocates Wisconsin called news of the leaked SCOTUS opinion on Roe v. Wade "absolutely devastating," but not unexpected. Atkinson says they will continue to operate in Wisconsin, making sure people get safely to another abortion-legal state if necessary.

"We are deeply committed to ensuring that the people of Wisconsin that need an abortion can access a safe and legal abortion," she said.

If Roe falls, there is a law on the books in Wisconsin that outlaws abortion. But Matt Sande, Legislative Director for Pro-Life Wisconsin calls that law full of holes.

"There is that broad life of the mother exception that we fear, through which to drive abortion on demand" he said. Sande says Pro-Life Wisconsin is calling on the State Legislature to enact a "statutory abortion ban with no exceptions."

Both Atkinson and Sande agree on one thing from the opposite sides of a controversial issue: the leak raised the staked on November's election.

"We need a pro-life Governor," Sande said.

"This [election] is about who has the power and control to make decisions about our own healthcare," Atkinson said.

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