FBI Unsolved Robberies: Armed Man Takes his Time Robbing North Shore Bank in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee FBI is asking for the public's help finding a violent bank robber involved in a January armed robbery. 

According to the FBI, a man entered the North Shore Bank off 91st and Oklahoma just before 4:00PM on January 28th. Video shows him waving a gun, ordering customers and employees into certain parts of the bank. 

     "It was unusual in the standpoint that he didn't just place them on the ground in front of the teller counter," says Asst. Special Agent in Charge Robert Botsch. "He actually had them move away from the teller counter over to a specific area of the bank." 

Video shows him pointing the gun directly at a man behind the counter.

     "The only problem was that individual was a contractor that was there to fix the fax machine," says Botsch. "At which point he turned back to the teller and ordered her to provide him with the money." 

Botsch says armed robbery suspects typically like to get in, and get out. 

     "To move somebody to a specific area of the bank is not normal," he says.

The man was able to escape with an unspecified amount of cash. The quality of the surveillance video is not great, so the FBI is hoping someone recognizes his clothes or demeanor. 

     "He does not do a real good job of concealing his identity," says Botsch. "We think there's a real good chance someone in the viewing area could provide the tip to lead to this guy's identification." 

If you've seen this, or any other FBI Unsolved Robberies suspect, you could be eligible for a reward. 

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