Fate of more than 200,000 registered voters in Wisconsin still up in the air

NOW: Fate of more than 200,000 registered voters in Wisconsin still up in the air

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The fate of more than 200,000 registered voters in Wisconsin is still up in the air. A judge recently ruled they should be removed from voter rolls. 

The commission was deadlocked on how to move forward on this issue, which means that the voters will stay on the rolls for now. The commission's plan will be to wait on how the appeals process plays out. 

Earlier this month, an Ozaukeee County judge ruled in favor of a conservative law firm and ordered that more than 200,000 registered voters be removed from the rolls. Those voters did not respond to a mailing in time to say they moved or are living at the same address.

Commissioners appointed by Democrats want to wait on the appeals process and wait for a likely final ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

Those appointed by Republicans want to move ahead with the judge's orders as soon as possible. 

"Whatever it takes to get this thing moving to clean up the registration rolls so we don’t go into the elections with 200 thousand extra people on the rolls who most likely should not be there," said Commissioner Robert Spindell, Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

"As a commissioner, I think it's for the Supreme Court to say what the statute says and whether it applies if the Supreme Court rules then we'll obviously follow that decision," said Commissioner Mark Thomsen, Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

The State Department of Justice appealed the Ozaukee County decision. That is still pending. 

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Institute for Law an Liberty wants to bypass the appeals court and move the case straight to the state Supreme Court where conservatives hold a 5-2 majority. 

Timing is also important as the spring primary is set for Feb. 18, ahead of the spring election in April. 

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