Farm & Fleet opens Toyland, signals start of holiday shopping season

Forget Black Friday, Christmas shopping season really starts on a fall October morning, and Farm & Fleet Waukesha manager Jim Gumprecht ready.

\"Seven o'clock am, Toyland opens,\" Gumprecht said.

Each year Farm & Fleet gets a head start on the retail rush for bargain shoppers. They add a special section filled with hundreds of toys just in time for the holidays.

Gumprecht one toy is especially a hit, \"Lego is real popular, that's like huge.\"

While it's a decade's long tradition for the family store, the \"business of christmas\" has sucked the meaning out for some. Customer David Aukofer says it's too early for tree and light displays and santa themed advertising.

\"It's been too commercialized, to say now it's just about the toys and the gifts instead of the true meaning of Christmas actually is,\" Aukofer said.

People like Bethany Sullivan don't seem to mind though.

\"You can never have enough Christmas, it makes everyone in a good mood,\" Sullivan said.

While we couldn't find one shopper tonight who was willing to wait in those long lines for gift buying, they say they can sympathize with those who do.

\"There's some people who live and breathe that every year, for some it's a family event. Not in our house.\"

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