Fans choose between Brewers & Packers

NOW: Fans choose between Brewers & Packers

Wisconsin sports fans had a tough choice -- watch the Packers like most Sundays, or watch the Brewers go for the division title.

A slew of fans were at the sports bar, Kelly’s Bleachers in Milwaukee. “You know right now it seems to be more Brewers fans, but typically it’s more Packers,” said Anthony Luchini, co-owner.

To make sure the bar was prepared, they brought in extra staff, added more tables, and some T.V's.

“Put a couple new big screens in back so everybody can watch not only the Packers, but the Brewers at the same time, at the same level and the same big screens.”

Some fans somewhat picked sides.

“The Green Bay Packers…Of course the Brewers are very important to me. That’s why I have the old school hat on. But every game is important to the Packers, definitely want the Packers to win,” said Terry Coughlin.

Others were up for the challenge of watching both games, at the same time.

“When the Packers go on commercial, I watch the Brewers, until the Packers go back on,” said Madeline Danisewicz.

It was a great day for both teams and their supporters. 

“God blessed me with a left and a right brain so I’m doing my best, I’m watching them both.  What kind of Sunday out of the year do you get to have the Packers and the Brewers play in such an important game,” said Alex Murray.

The Packers beat the Buffalo Bills 22-0.

The Brewers dominated the Detroit Tigers 11-0.

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