"It's gone:" Family searching for son's ashes, stolen from their car

“It’s gone: “ Family searching for son’s ashes, stolen from their car

A family on the city's northside is looking for their son's ashes. The ashes were kept inside a necklace and ring. It was stolen along with their van on Saturday near Fond du Lac Avenue and West Locust Street. 

“I am lost for words. All I want is my son to be back home with me.”

Their son passed away back in April when he was just three weeks old. The family carried the ashes in the van so a piece of him was always with them. 

“The van I didn’t really care about, it was my sons ashes and I can’t get it back.”

The family reported it to police and officers found the van about 13 blocks away on Monday. When the dad looked inside, the thieves left behind headphone boxes, candy wrappers and bricks. 

The pieces of jewelry that hung on the rear view mirror were gone. 

Neighbors like Morgan Jackson are tired of all the car thefts. 

“These kids need to stop stealing peoples cars.  It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense. It’s everyday someone has to go out and look for their cars. It makes no sense," said Jackson. 

Her van was also stolen and abandoned like the family who had the ashes stolen. 

The thieves took the battery out of the family's van so it does not run. 

“We are upset, we have to travel with five kids with a little car or by bus.”  

The family hopes someone will come forward and return the necklace and ring. If you recognize the ring or necklace and want to get in touch with the family, email the reporter [email protected]

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