Family says their dog came from Sheboygan home where sheriff's deputies recently removed 37 dogs

NOW: Family says their dog came from Sheboygan home where sheriff’s deputies recently removed 37 dogs

37 dogs were removed from horrible living conditions in Sheboygan. The dogs are currently being cared for by the local humane society. Tips from our CBS 58 viewers revealed that it wasn't the first time that something like this has happened.

One woman says her family adopted a dog who came from that same property. The dog was malnourished, sick, and scared. 

"Still a little nervous like if I go in and try to give him a kiss or something. We just give him lots of pets and scratches. Right, Browser?"

About 3 years ago, Browser found his new home with the Klefish family.

"Found the dog on a Facebook post saying that this dog was from this shelter that was just shut down and needed a home."

At the time, the shelter in the Town of Wilson had recently been shut down after investigators found bad living conditions and it just happened again last week.

"Once the story came out, it was in the paper, that's when we realized that's where he came from - Kindship Companion."

Aside from little care and attention, the family also learned essential nutrients like food and water were not regularly given to him.

"You could feel his ribs. He had a bad conditioned coat. He came back positive with hookworms, ringworms..."

After several doctor visits, treatments, and lots of love - Browser is now a happy dog. 

While his story is looking bright, the family wants to see something done to stop animal cruelty from happening.

"She needs to just call it quits and find a different hobby that doesn't entail living creatures."

The Sheboygan County Sheriff will hold a press conference Friday with more details in the case.

Stay with CBS 58 News for more information as this story develops. 

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