Family rescued from Milwaukee lagoon

MILWAUKEE-The lagoon where families enjoy splashing around in paddle boats and canoes was the scene of a dramatic rescue Tuesday afternoon.

An entire family tipped over and into the water in the lagoon at Veteran's Park.

Luckily, three workers were nearby and didn't hesitate to help.

\"We look out and there's a canoe tipped over,\"  Michael Wetzel who works at the boat rental stand explained. \"So, I came to shore right away, got two other employees and said grab your canoe, kayak. Whatever they could find.\"

\"We started paddling out to the north end of the lagoon,\" co-worker Marc DiVerde continued.

\"A couple of the people were extremely freaked out,\" the third worker, Michael Moore, recalled. \"They couldn't swim.\"

They had the three adults and the one child grab the side of the boats and with the help of a passer by who jumped in the water, they safely guided the family back to shore.

By that time firefighters had arrived and everyone was checked out. All were okay.

Everyone agrees the fact that everyone in the family was wearing a life jacket made a huge difference.

Deputy Chief Aaron Lipski of the Milwaukee Fire Department said he can't recommend everybody be a hero. But,  if you are in position to help, this was a perfect example of doing the right thing.

\"It is representative of what a citizen is and what a citizen is supposed to do,\" Deputy Chief Lipski told CBS 58 News. \" It was a good moment that nobody ended up hurt in this incident.\"



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