Family remembers local photographer killed in Chicago

MILWAUKEE-- The family of a 28-year-old Wisconsin man who was killed during a shooting in Chicago wanted to make sure their son's death wasn't a faceless tragedy.

On Tuesday, Will Lewis' father and sister-in-law talked to the media at Harder Funeral home in Brookfield, about the 28-year-old photographer who had moved to Chicago a year ago with his wife, to start a new life.

Lewis was killed while standing at a bus stop in a neighborhood on Chicago's north side on Saturday Afternoon. It appears someone opened fire against a rival gang member near by. Police say Lewis was an innocent bystander, but died from a gunshot wound to his back.

Lewis' father, Joseph, says the family is doing the best they can not to dwell on the tragedy and celebrate his son's life.

\"He had a good heart, great smile and he touched lives,\" said Joseph Lewis.

Lewis adopted his son from Guatemala when he was 7-years-old.

\"He came to us not knowing any english... he had to overcome a language barrier and had to overcome a learning disability,\" said Lewis. But he was still able to graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art, to pursue a career in photography.

Wil Lewis met his wife at the Milwaukee Institude of Art 8 years ago.

\"He and maria had begun talking about starting a family... he was getting ready to start a brand new job and then life happened,\" added Lewis.

The family set up a memorial fund to help with the funeral costs, as well as establish a foundation in Wil's name. For more information on the memorial fund, click here.

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