Family of toddler who shot himself speaks

MILWAUKEE -- Three-year-old Kevin Donald shot himself with a gun while playing in his mother's car. Police say the toddler found the gun hidden in the glove compartment. The family tells us the boy is still being treated at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Doctors are waiting for the swelling of the head to go down before doing surgery. Now the family is focusing on why a gun was being kept in that car.

Donald's grandmother and aunt both say this could have been prevented. The boy's mother is saying she kept the gun inside the car for protection purposes. Brittany Petersink, the boy''s aunt, told our Sandra Torres, \"This is Milwaukee. This is the ghetto...anywhere you go there's someone trying to take something from you.\"

The family says Donald's mother didn't keep the gun in the house on purpose. She figured the house wasn't a safe place to keep a weapon.

\"We wouldn't let them in the car if we knew it was in there,\" says Petersink. 

We're told the mother is devastated, and feeling very guilty. The family says the mother had the gun for over three years, but police will not confirm if this gun was legally owned.


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