Family of Hoan Bridge Victim Files Notice of Intent to Sue Milwaukee County

NOW: Family of Hoan Bridge Victim Files Notice of Intent to Sue Milwaukee County
Milwaukee -

The family of Christopher Weber, only 27 when his truck plunged over the Hoan Bridge back in December, is seeking damages saying that Milwaukee County did not take appropriate action to protect safety after the snow had piled along the shoulder.

The family says it has evidence that will prove snow was allowed to gather alongside the bridge, so high, that it formed a launch pad for Weber's truck.

It made walls aimed at stopping out of control vehicles useless.

All the more heart wrenching for the family is a death certificate that indicates Chris may have been alive for as long as an hour before passing on.

They seek $2.8 million dollars in damages.

A Department of Transportation instruction manual obtained by CBS 58 News makes reference to "white shoulders."

Instructions are to clear the snow, even in a storm, after normal work hours, because of the potential danger.

Attorney Steven Wassel also believes that while there was recent snowfall that added to the total accumulation on the bridge, there was relatively clear weather the day before the crash which would have allowed for snow removal.

The notice of intent to sue also makes reference to the quick action to get rid of the snow along the shoulder of the Hoan Bridge after the tragedy.

While that doesn’t qualify as negligence, it does mitigate any potential claim that the removal of snow was not possible prior to the crash.

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