Family meets 911 operator who helped deliver baby over the phone

NOW: Family meets 911 operator who helped deliver baby over the phone

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Emergency responders play a crucial role in our communities. But, for one local woman they were an essential part in bringing a new member into the family.

A 911 operator in Waukesha is wearing her stork wings as she helped two parents deliver a baby that just couldn't get to the hospital.  On Monday, the parents and 911 operator Stephanie Caul were able to meet after Caul helped them deliver their daughter, baby Lucy, over the phone this past June.

"Between the time that the contractions started and I realized that I was going to have her, it was like this is happening now. I'm just going to have this baby," said Nora McElwee, the mother.

For Caul, it was her experience helping to deliver a baby.

"Some people go their whole time here without helping to deliver a baby, it's not like a common thing that we get," said Caul.

Lucy is the McElwee's second baby. Nora was overdue but they never imagined they would have so little time to prepare for the baby's arrival. They were on the phone with Caul for only about 3 minutes before little Lucy was born. 

Caul says her training allowed her to quickly assess the situation and jump in to guide the parents along. 

"I'm glad that we could come in and see who was on the phone and who was the person behind helping everything flow smoothly. It was awesome," said McElwee. 

The McElwee's says they're grateful for Stephanie's guidance that day but they're planning on making sure they're next baby waits fo rthem to get to the hospital.

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