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Family honored for contributions to motorcycle awareness week

 The month isn't over yet, but data from the DOT shows this May has already been more deadly for Wisconsin motorcycle drivers than the same time last year.

One family says that's exactly why they've pushed to have a \"Motorcycle Awareness Week\" here in Milwaukee. 

Its been almost two years since Vinencia Dawson was killed just two blocks from her mother's home while driving her motorcycle.

They've been the driving force behind Milwaukee's Motorcycle Awareness week, something they were honored for Sunday afternoon, at Rumblefest. 

\"Yeah she loved her bike she stated that she just felt free just being out with nature,\" said Theresa Dawson, Vinencia's mother. 

Dawson says her daughter  was a passionate young lady with a bright future ahead of her until a quick motorcycle ride to her aunt's house ended her life.

\"This young man, he tried to beat her and he ran right smack into her,\" said Dawson. 

The crash happened at the intersection of Atkinson and 11th Streets and Dawson says she thinks it could have been prevented. 

\"She had the right of way. And he... just... you have to have patience. You have to look out for these motorcycle riders. You have to share he roads,\" said Dawson. 

She says drivers of cars and motorcycles need to respect and look out for one another and Milwaukee Deputy Fire Chief Aaron Lipski agrees. 

\"Drivers in regular vehicles need to pay attention for the motorcycles. What I've seen in driving around the city is the motorcyclists also have to make themselves responsible for becoming visible and not weaving in and out of traffic and not driving in the third lane,\" said Lipski. 

He says no matter who causes the wreck it rarely ends well for bikers. 

\"Just for the simple fact that the physics of that accident pretty much dictate that someone has gone airborne,\" said Lipski. 

 A reality Dawson wants no other parent to feel. 

\"I couldn't touch my baby at all. I couldn't reach her. This was the first time I couldn't give her the love and support that I wanted to,\" said Dawson.

Which is why she has devoted her life to spreading the word, something she was honored for Sunday afternoon.

\"It's not just for her it's for all and that's my passion, to give that support,\" she said. 

Dawson says she is willing to give her support to anyone who needs it, to any families that have lost a loved one in an accident. 

Meanwhile Lipski says, his best advice is to tell motorcyclists to wear a helmet. 

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