Family escapes overnight house fire in Mukwanago

MUKWANAGO - A family escaped an overnight house fire in Mukwanago, thanks to a working smoke detector. 

It's a story of quick thinking.  

One boy who was in the basement heard a smoke alarm go off.  

He alertly went and woke up his family. They were able to get out of the house without any injuries and before the fire took over the home. 

Mukwonago fire had help from nearly 10 departments. It took them more than two hours to put the fire out.  

A fire lieutenant says smoke detectors saved lives in this case.  

\"The one son who recognized it and got them out or otherwise they would have had to come down through the fire to get out,\" said Lt. Dale Myszewski of the Mukwanago Fire Department. 

There's extensive damage to the home. 

The family is being helped by the Red Cross and will stay with other family members for now.  

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