Family continues rallies for Dontre Hamilton, demands officer's arrest

The usually quiet and soft spoken matriarch of the Hamilton family, Maria Hamilton, could no longer contain herself at a rally for her slain son Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park.

"We want justice, we will not quit, she screamed to the crowd, “We will never go away, y'all started this fight and we're here to finish it."

A flood of emotions blared through the bullhorn, as she expressed her anger at the city of Milwaukee.

Six months and no action by the District Attorney against former officer Christopher Manney, Maria and protestors say it's too long

"I'm furious, so I decided to take my anger and honor my son," she said.

And that honor did not stop with Maria Hamilton. This time instead of focusing only on marching through downtown, the Hamilton family also introduced a tribute song, praise dancers celebrated Dontre's life. Dontre's brother Nate says they will continue civil unrest, continue protests in the street until D.A. John Chisholm takes action.

"The quicker they do it, the better off we'll be, we'll be able to engage the community, instead of disrupting it, but I think bringing awareness to the problems in our city is a must," Hamilton said.

Nate also expressed his disappointment with the police union for standing by Christopher Manney. But says he can agree that he too has no confidence in the police chief.

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