Family and friends call for justice following double fatal motorcycle crash

NOW: Family and friends call for justice following double fatal motorcycle crash

Family and friends of two men killed in a motorcycle crash last summer are calling for justice, and peace.

De'Angelo Maxwell and James Morris, Jr., were on their motorcycles near Sixth and McKinley in downtown Milwaukee August 6, 2016, when, police say, a pick up truck driver turned in front of them. Surveillance video, obtained by CBS 58, shows one of the bikers hitting the front of the pick up truck. Family members say the second man lost control seconds later, and both men died. To this day, the driver of the pick up truck has not been charged. 

Community Activist Tory Lowe, who organized a rally for peace Friday, said the lack of charges against the pick up truck driver is unfair. He said drug paraphernalia, an open container were found in the vehicle. Lowe showed us a copy of the police report which states that the pick up truck driver had a blood alcohol level below the legal limit when he was tested, but said that was a couple of hours after the crash. Lowe said the driver should still be charged.

"He turned in to the lane clearly on the video, but yet he's not even going to trial for actually, basically, killing two motorcyclists," Lowe said.

Doris Ingram, the mother of De'Angelo Maxwell, said she's frustrated because she's not getting answers.

"I'm trying to deal with it, but I can't deal with it, I need answers today," Ms. Ingram said.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office told CBS 58, a major contributing factor to no charges being filed was that both motorcyclists were operating at speeds far in excess of the posted speed limit. 

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