Families celebrate Mother's Day at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- You don't hear the pop of champagne bottles or see many flower pots in front of Miller Park on most game days, but on Mother's Day anything goes.

\"I went to Walgreens this morning and bought a bunch of stuff for the game and didn't get a  card,\" tailgater Holly Hatch said.  \"The one thing.  But I was like, \"Here's your card,\" Hatch said, gesturing to Miller Park.

Hatch spent the day at the ballpark with her boyfriend and his mother.  Hatch's family lives out of state.

\"His parents are like my second set of parents and it makes days like today easier,\" Hatch said.  \"Just not  being with my mommy, because I love my mommy, so Jackie is my second mommy.\"

Across the parking lot, the Kreuziger family set up their tailgate.

\"It makes me feel wonderful,\" mother Shannon Kreuziger said.  \"It's the best blessing in the world to be a mom.\"

Shannon drove down from Portage with her three kids and other family members.

\"We're all really big Brewers fans, baseball fans, [my daughter] plays softball, the boys play baseball,  so it was just the perfect way to spend the day,\" Kreuziger said.

Not everyone in the Kreuziger group loves baseball -- like Shannon's mother-in-law -- but Shannon says the sport is the perfect way to unite families.

\"Something you can enjoy together, whether you know the people next to you or not, you're  cheering right along together,\" Kreuziger said.

Other fans, like Paula Irish agree. 

\"It's important to me to be with my family on Mother's Day,\" Irish said.  \"I always put a priority on that.\"

Irish's daughter flew in from Florida to spend the day at the game, which Paula says is the best gift of all.

\"Usually I'm taking them out, so this time I'm being taken out,\" Irish said.  \"It's a treat.\"

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