Fallen Milwaukee police officers honored with special gift

NOW: Fallen Milwaukee police officers honored with special gift

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Two Milwaukee police officers killed on the job were honored Thursday.

The families of Charles Irvine Jr. and Michael Michalski received “This Blue Line” watches from Powers Jewelry Design.

The owner of Powers Jewelry, Dick Powers, wanted to do something to honor their sacrifice.

“We at Powers would like to give our most sincere thanks to these families that suffered the most tragic loss,” said Powers.

In a short ceremony Thursday, Powers presented both officer’s families with the watches, as well as other gifts.

“These officers and the thousands like them are the thin blue line that separates us from the criminals,” said Powers.

Irvine was killed back in June when his squad car crashed.

Michalski was shot and killed while searching for a suspect back in July.

“When we say officer Irvine and Michalski are never going to be forgotten, you brought it to our attention, hey let’s not forget them,” said Police Chief Alfonso Morales.

Chief Morales was joined by Sheriff-elect Earnell Lucas and a room full of other law enforcers.

“This is a gesture that the community is also responsive and they are not forgetting those heroes that we have that come out every day,” said Morales.

“It’s times like this and its friends like this that make those times just a little bit easier for us to sustain,” said Lucas.

Both leaders say it’s ceremonies like this that can bridge a gap between the community and police.

“We are really making a push at bettering our relationship with the community,” said Morales.

“Lets all of us go with one mind in that we can be a community that supports and sustains one another in the difficult times, in the difficult days ahead,” said Lucas.

Powers says he plans to continue this tradition to recognize all fallen officers throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as officers who receive a Medal of Honor or Medal of Valor.

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