Faith Builders Community Teams: Making Milwaukee Great

MILWAUKEE-- For the last three years, an organization in Milwaukee has been giving away free food and clothing to people who are in need thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers.

The groups is called \"Faith Builders Community Teams,\" a faish based group that focuses their efforts on the south side of the city.

\"There are a lot of people who need help and it's not just giving them the food or the clothes it's about building relationships in whatever need they have and taking them to the next level,\" said Richard Schwoegler, the Director of the organization.

Schwoegler says last year, they helped about 10,000 people in the Milwaukee area. Schwoegler added, \"our philosophy is if we can change one persons life, then that will change a family.\"

That's exactly what they did with Martha Rojas, a single mother of three boys. The organization helped Martha find a new home after being in a violent relationship. That home later caught on fire, but once again, the group stepped in to help.

\"They helped me find a house... furnished my house completely... everything from dishes to food, medicines for my boys,\" said Rojas.

Rojas now gives back herself, as a volunteer with the Faith Builders Community team.

\"It makes you happy... it makes you feel good that you're doing something for someone else and you're not getting anything in return,\" said Rojas.

For more information about the Faith Builders Community Teams, visit their website:


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