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Extra $600 unemployment benefits to start flowing for Wisconsinites


Updated: 9:58 a.m. on April 29, 2020 

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) announced Wednesday, April 29 it has started disbursing $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments. 

DWD says, FPUC is a temporary emergency increase of $600 per week in unemployment benefits. FPUC provides additional payment to individuals who are collecting benefits from ANY of the following programs:

Claimants DO NOT need to take any action to receive the additional $600-per-week benefit, according to the DWD; the payment will be automatically added to their benefit payments.

This means that if you have a pending unemployment application or are currently receiving unemployment benefits, no action needs to be taken, so long as your circumstances have not changed, you remain eligible for benefits under one of the programs above, and you continue to file a weekly claim. You will receive the $600 benefit in the same way you receive your regular unemployment benefit.To those individuals who established a claim before April 4, 2020, the benefit will be retroactively provided from the week ending April 4, 2020, UI week 14/20.

Note that the $600 FPUC benefit will not impact your income eligibility, as it is not considered earned income.  The $600 is not based on your weekly benefit rate. If you are eligible for some type of UI benefit as listed above, then you are eligible for the full $600 in addition to the unemployment benefits you are due.

DWD says, this is a temporary benefit and the last payable week in Wisconsin will conclude the week ending July 25, 2020.

For more information, CLICK HERE


Published: 5:03 p.m. on April 27, 2020 

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Those who are currently collecting regular unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, will start to receive additional $600 stimulus payments -- according to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

The DWD says the $600 a week in federal stimulus dollars will begin later this week through July 25, 2020. 

For more information on the Federal Stimulus Bill, CLICK HERE

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Baby 5 hours ago
So if you get SSI you don't get the $600 a week. If you was already on unemployment
Mohammed 3 days ago
I did not get the FPUC last week, What can I do now?
Mohammed Mohammed 3 days ago
The $600 one.
BonnieKeister 5 days ago
It has been 8 weeks ai certified I have been laid off and still no money and no answers as to why it was under review for 8 weeks
Russell16 9 days ago
SPORTINGMAN your the coward!! Who the hell do you think you are? Listening to things you say. Why so much hate!! You wouldn't have the balls to meet me! LOL....
Khill8757 12 days ago
Keep helping others but those of us Trying to collect unemployment but can’t due to a BAR we had no clue about! 8 weeks NO
Income and no one will help in WI! The governor did in NY! Thanks Governor
PizzleGse 13 days ago
I recvd 1200 two weeks ago for the first baccdated payment a week after my regular UC benefits were paid. Do we continue receiving that amount every other week or is it a one-time payment?
TitoFlores PizzleGse 12 days ago
I’m in the same situation. I got paid 1,800. Which was 3 claims. And I’m wondering if there gonna give me 1800 in another 3 weeks. I’m on my 2nd weeks now and still haven’t gotten anything. So my guess is ima get mines every 3 weeks. Hopefully.
PizzleGse 13 days ago
I recvd 1200 two weeks ago for the first baccdated payment a week after my regular UC benefits were paid. Do we continue receiving that amount every other week or is it a one-time payment?
Bumptious 13 days ago
Anyone else getting double child support still taken out??
PizzleGse Bumptious 13 days ago
yes they take $50 out each week for my bi-weekly claim making it the $100 i pay a month
PizzleGse Bumptious 13 days ago
I only pay arrears and have 4 more payments and then im done!!
JNess Bumptious 13 days ago
Yes. I'm not able to get through to DWD to get them to stop, so I'll have to work directly through child support to have the overpayment returned every week.
Bumptious JNess 12 days ago
We're you able to figure it out?
RobertK 14 days ago
How does one go about getting through to DWD? I've tried calling for literally weeks now, at all times of day, using various phone numbers and all I ever get is busy signals or disconnected. I'd settle for a message telling me I'm number 1000 in line if that's what it takes, but nope, just a busy signal or hung up on. I've also emailed them but it's been two weeks and I haven't heard back. Their site says it may take a few days... hah. This morning I tried calling at 7:34 and got the recording about calling back during office hours. I tried immediately again at 7:35 and boom, instant busy signal. No recording, no "you're number XX in line," etc. Is their office open so I could physically go down there and talk to someone in person? This is absolutely ridiculous.
Warner 14 days ago
im sending thoughts and prayers to all who still have not seen a dime!
BonnieKeister 14 days ago
So I have call 238 times this morning all I get is busy sign or all of the circuits are busy. I have been off for 8bweeks without a penny. Thank god my husband went back to work
Russell16 14 days ago
SPORTINGMAN is a lonely miserable person. Nobody listen to this Idiot. Wish i could meet this man and see what he would say in person. Get a life!!
SportingMan Russell16 13 days ago
Where do you want to meet? Coward.
SportingMan Russell16 13 days ago
Russell probably has sex with farm animals..or his cousins.
Suzanna 15 days ago
Ok! This is so frustrating! My daughter and I have been pending 6 weeks!
She has 3 jobs. Still nothing.
My situation lil complicated, but we both undoubtedly qualify for the $600. FPUC
As I’m sure majority of applicants do. It even is on our UI summary.
Why don’t they send that payment just to help us!
Looking forward to working.
She is and will probably be going back before we get this .
JSmith Suzanna 14 days ago
i know the DWD phonelines are hell...but have you tried calling and speaking to someone?
Joseph Suzanna 6 days ago
if she has 3 jobs. why would u file or even get unemployment?
Suzanna JSmith 5 days ago
Hi hun! Yes called another 260 times today!
Good thing we have each other! Miss ya!
Suzanna Joseph 5 days ago
All of them shut their doors. We had seasonal work traveling with a Company out of New Jersey., she worked part time in Green Bay as server, and was to start another the week country shut down. She’s already going back neck week to another one. Unfortunately she busted her knee. But she’s still going to work.
James 16 days ago
I was told that the law States that if I owed back money to Onemployment I would not get the $600 has anybody else been told that
Chip 16 days ago
Question are they supposed to pay you 600 dollars plus your unemployment pay.
Suzanna Chip 15 days ago
Yes ! The FPUC is $600.
JSmith 16 days ago
Hey, everyone. I have a question: Wisconsin Supreme Court just overturned Safe-At-Home, but Milwaukee County turned around and put it's own safe-at-home order in effect. I'm in Milwaukee. How does this affect work search requirements?
JSmith JSmith 16 days ago
Nevermind. I found this on the DWD website in case anyone else is wondering:

How does the Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling on Safe-At-Home affect work search?

It does not impact applications submitted or claims pending. Benefits will be paid to eligible claimants, even if the person returns to work before their claim is deemed eligible.

It does not impact federal programs like FPUC, PUA or PEUC.

It does impact unemployment eligibility in this way: If an employer now has work for an employee who was laid off or furloughed and that employee refuses to return to work, that will cause an eligibility issue that must be adjudicated. Individuals then considered ineligible for regular UI may be eligible for PUA.

It does not change work search. Work search is still considered satisfied through the end of September.
Grunge 17 days ago
What if you were unemployed before the pandemic but didn’t get unemployment? Are you still eligible for that 600 a week
Michael 17 days ago
Am I the only person that didn’t get the 600 yet?
Blessed2130 Michael 17 days ago
you are not alone several of us have not!
Blessed2130 19 days ago
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SportingMan Blessed2130 16 days ago
Hilarious! You're still too lazy to call. Hopefully the state continues to withhold the additional $600 from you. They can call it the "BLESSED by stupidity condition "...you'll be famous! Idiot
Blessed2130 SportingMan 14 days ago
Keep planting bad seeds they also grow and you will one day see the harvest of your words and actions.
sylva SportingMan 5 days ago
seems your job is to troll comments, and insult people. Probably a miserable person chugging on a bottle of jimbeam ridiculing others, finding fault in people you don't know, to lift yourself up? hmmm
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