Experts say it's time to get the flu shot

NOW: Experts say it’s time to get the flu shot

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The CDC says this flu season could be pretty severe.

Researchers have been tracking the flu in the southern hemisphere, and it has hit about two months early.

Doctors recommend getting a flu shot once a year, and the earlier the better, because it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to kick in.

Going to get the flu shot when already feeling symptoms is not likely to be effective.

The flu kills thousands of people a year, so doctors are taking it seriously.

“First line of defense against the flu is receiving the vaccination,” said Dr. Alanna Beane, a family practice physician.

The shot can’t guarantee full protection from the virus, but doctors say the idea is to prevent serious cases that require hospitalization.

This year’s batch of vaccine has been updated to better match the strands of virus going around.

A common misconception doctors want to dispel is that the shot can give people the flu. Experts say it can’t.

Vaccines go through rigorous testing to be deemed safe for the public.

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