Experts answer parents' homeschooling questions live on CBS 58

NOW: Experts answer parents’ homeschooling questions live on CBS 58

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There has been a surge in interest in homeschooling as Wisconsin parents must make a decision on how to educate their children this academic year.

Tuesday morning the CBS 58 Morning News hosted an hour-long Q&A with Nicole Singleton from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Kerry Krienitz from the Mmilwaukee Area Homeschool Collective answering parents questions about homeschooling in Wisconsin.

The first question: who can homeschool in Wisconsin? Answer: Anyone. There is no certification or education requirement for parents.

Because there homeschooling is open to all families without any kind of certification, it becomes a very real option for parents looking for something else during this pandemic.

"You do not have to be a teacher to educate your child, many of the curriculums that are available for home study are developed by teachers and people with graduate degrees in education," Kerry Krienitz with the Milwaukee Area Homeschool Collective said. 

Watch the video below for more answers to common questions and questions from CBS 58 viewers.

Wisconsin DPI and a homeschool mother joined answer questions in live:

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