Expect Traffic with Summerfest, Fireworks on July 3rd

On July 3rd at Summerfest, expect to see lots of people, red, white, and blue.

The crowds aren't expected to be overwhelming inside the gates, but it is a busy day on the lakefront. With the U.S. Bank Fireworks, nice weather, and Summerfest, there is expected to be crowds going to and from the summerfest grounds

Summerfest officials ask everyone to plan transportation ahead. 

"It's really easy to fall into that routine because you do it all the time - this is always the way you get to Summerfest. It's such a busy day on the lakefront; consider other alternatives," said Sarah Pancheri, Summerfest VP of Sales and Marketing. 

Pancheri suggests using an Uber, taxi, or bus. She says a shuttle provides rides to Summerfest for anyone who parks downtown on Wisconsin Ave. Bublr bike share is also a route some are taking.

"People are just discovering I can park cheaply ... or easily, and then take a Bublr in," said Kevin Hardman, Executive Director of Bublr.

Hardman says many are biking the entire route to summerfest. Others are parking a few blocks away and biking to the gate. It's $3 for a 30 minute ride, and there is a Bublr station right outside the north gate of Summerfest. It will be staffed with Bublr employees during all of Summerfest. 

Saz's Dockside Barbeque expects to have a full house because of the fireworks.

"We're definitely going to be busy. Our kitchen's already going prepping up our BBQ, our brisket. All of our great items are being made already getting ready for the crowds," said Curt Kluth, Saz's Festival Director.

Right by the lagoon, the Dockside Barbeque has a front and center view to the fireworks from veterans park.

"We call it, 'it's on the corner of water and water.' It really is the greatest view of everything Summerfest," said Kluth.

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