EXCLUSIVE: Uber Driver Believes She Picked Up Second Suspect After Triple Fatal Crash

New details emerging abut a crash that took the lives of three women from Chicago early Sunday morning.

Police say two people were in the Lexus SUV that ran a red light and caused this crash.  The 23 year-old-driver has turned himself in.

 An Uber driver says she has a connection to both the three victims and suspect.

She says she picked the three friends up at the Journeyman Hotel at the start of the night—but believes it ended with her unknowingly picking up one of the suspects.

Still so shook up she didn’t want to go on camera, this Uber driver say she drove past the crash and a few minutes later got a request for a driver.

"I didn't know  it was him I was picking up because I couldn't see that far over [to where he was running]," said the driver. 

When she got to the court house near 10th Street she says her customer was hiding in the shadows.

"He had a heavy beard and it looked like white, dusty dirt and I'm looking at him like why are you dirty?" she said. 

He said he had just got into a fight with his brother and spent most of the ride on the phone.

"He was crying here and I'm like something else happened here besides an argument with his brother," she told us. 

He told her he needed cigarettes but as you can see from this screenshot it turned into a 12 minute ride with no real direction. She said he reeked of alcohol and told her he was on drugs .

"He said, "Can I pour my heart out to you? We were just doing Molly and I just don't know hat happened,' and I'm like what happened, what is going on?" she said.

The trip ended with him being dropped off at the DoubleTree hotel. This driver says the trip rattled her.

"I didn't drive the rest of the night," she said.

And she hopes this man will come forward. She says she has given all the information to police and they told her "We believe this is our guy." 

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