EXCLUSIVE: Family of Inmate Who Died in Jail Custody Files Suit

The family of Kristina Fiebrink, an inmate who died in Milwaukee  County Jail are taking the final steps before filing a lawsuit against the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office. 

Fiebrink died this August after spending just four days in the county jail. 

She was a known drug user and her family's attorney says there's no way she should have died in jail. 

"If you look at CCAP she has been arrested or booked into the Milwaukee County Jail a minimum of 12 times in the last 15 years, all for drug related crimes," said Jason Jankowski, who represents the estate of Kristina Fiebrink. 

Jankowksi says jail officials should have known. 

Fiebrink arrived at jail, high. 

"At intake was when she was put on withdrawal monitoring, so in order to be placed on that someone must be showing signs of being high," said Jankowski.

And he says that should have meant a doctor's visit within three days, per jail policy.

"Which would have revealed her drug abuse and allowed them to take the necessary steps like putting her on heightened level of monitoring and dispensing the right medications," said Jankowski. 

But Jankowski says it never happened, apparently because Fiebrink had been seen within the year during an earlier arrest.

Still the family argues signs of withdrawal should have been noticed, sighting claims made to them by inmates in nearby cells.

"All night Kristina was crying,screaming, saying the devil was trying to get her, all signs that would have led a normal person to check," he said.

In the lawsuit the family blames negligence from the top down and demands  immediate change. 

"People who made the fatal mistakes to be held accountable for their actions," he said.  

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