Family of 4-year-old drowning victim speaks out

NOW: Family of 4-year-old drowning victim speaks out

The four-year-old boy's parents say the babysitter last saw him at standing the end of the pier at Browns Lake, and it's also where a boater found his body in the water a short time later.

"My baby boy, he’s gone. There’s nothing anybody can offer me or do to bring my son back," says Rozelle Creed who is the boy's father.

Nichole Creed says she was at work and her husband Rozelle was looking for a job when the babysitter called to say their son was missing at Browns Lake.

"Maybe I feel guilt for trusting the person that I thought I could trust," says Nichole Creed.

Creed says the sitter brought four-year-old Tyrice, his older brother and little sister to a family barbecue at Browns Lake. Tyrice's older brother says at one point little Tyrice went out of sight.

"They were at the bathrooms, he was sitting by the bench by the bathrooms, when she turned around he was gone," says Creed.

However, Tyrice's brother found him alive standing on the edge of the pier and told the sitter.

"She said, 'hey get down from there,' and she never tried to go and get him," say the boy's parents.

They say a few minutes later he went missing again, which started a full search.

"As she called me that’s when I heard the sirens in the background coming," says Creed.

They say after a boater found Tyrice’s body by the pier, emergency crews rushed him to the hospital, however, he died before his parents could get there. Now his parents say they’re planning his funeral, instead of his future.

"This morning I woke up to my daughter crying, 'where’s Tyrice, where’s Tyrice, where’s my brother'. My little boy is four-years-old. He will never have a childhood, he will never grow to be a man, to make friends. He won't even be able to go start school. He was so excited to start school," says Tyrice's father.

The Racine County Sheriff's Department says they're still investigating this incident, but that it looks like an unfortunate accident at this time. 

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