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EXCLUSIVE: CBS 58 cameras capture arrest of bar vandal suspect

An act of violence is caught on surveillance on Milwaukee's north side.

"All of the windows were just gone, demolished," said Lux Lounge co-owner Thomas Holmes, Jr.

"I mean it just cut your stomach," said his father, Thomas Holmes, Sr.

Another camera angle outside the Lux Lounge at MLK and Center shows the suspect's face.

"He's not a stranger," said Holmes, Sr.

The father and son co-owners said they've seen the suspect in the neighborhood before.

On Thursday, inside a next door business, a security guard put two and two together. He ran to the bar's door.

"And said, 'Thomas, the guy that broke your windows is in the check cashing place,'" Holmes, Sr. said. "I was like are you sure? He said, 'absolutely.'"

Holmes, Sr. immediately went to see for himself. He said  the suspect was making a transaction and when he turned around, he knew.

"I said, you're the guy that broke the windows and he was like, 'what windows,'" he said. "I said, at Lux. He said, 'I didn't break any windows' and I said, yes you did. I said I know you did. A picture doesn't lie."

The man, wearing a pink hat, tried to run, but Holmes, Sr. said he grabbed him and took him to the ground. The security guard put him in handcuffs until police came. CBS 58 blurred the suspect's face because he has not been charged, but Holmes, Sr. asked him why he did it.

"He said someone paid him $20 to break the windows and now the police department is investigating that link," he said.

Eventually, Milwaukee police arrive and take the suspect into custody, video only our cameras caught.

Again, the suspect has not been charged in the case. Milwaukee police expect that will happen in the coming days, once it is reviewed by the district attorney's office.

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