'Everyone is on edge:' Kenosha residents describe life since police shooting of Jacob Blake

NOW: ’Everyone is on edge:’ Kenosha residents describe life since police shooting of Jacob Blake

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Kenosha is once again under a curfew. 

Gas stations have their pumps turned off, grocery stores are closed. Life in Kenosha has changed. 

"It's been stressful, it's been on edge, everyone is on edge," said Moses Stevenson.

We caught up with Moses on his way out of the grocery store. He says everyday errands have gotten much harder.

"Just trying to drive somewhere, like I had to go towards downtown, everything is blocked off."

"I live right behind the courthouse," said Marcus Silva. "I've heard gunshots, the riots going on, it's loud."

Marcus says he hasn't slept well in nearly a week.

"it's been scary looking out the window."

The National Guard is much more visible even as the violence earlier this week stopped. People want life to go back to normal.

Joshua Tank has a simple answer.

"When the police finally arrest their own guy, that's what they need to do, and why they're procrastinating nobody knows why," he said.

But the Human First Project founder Isaac Wallner says the city can't go back to normal until it changes what normal is.

"The barriers can be lifted, the boards can come off the buildings and you can re-erect buildings that have burnt down, but until African Americans and other minorities are treated equally, our life is never that normal."

The park that has been the center of so much activity this week was quiet Friday night, but protesters are still marching every day.

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