Evers to include more money for juvenile prison guards

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers says delaying the closure of Wisconsin's troubled juvenile prison isn't "ideal" but the process can't be rushed.

Evers also told reporters Tuesday that his state budget will include more funding for guards at the understaffed Lincoln Hills juvenile prison. He says he's working to make sure workers at the prison are properly trained and aren't overworked.

The prison been under federal investigation for four years and numerous lawsuits alleging misconduct by guards have been filed. The state is working to comply with a federal court order to reduce solitary confinement and use of pepper spray.

Evers says work will continue to meet the court order as design of new, smaller facilities to replace Lincoln Hills are completed.

Current law requires the prison to close by 2021, but Evers says that may have to be delayed a year or two.

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