Evers previews budget "On the Issues" at Marquette

NOW: Evers previews budget “On the Issues“ at Marquette

Gov Tony Evers went "On the Issues at Marquette Tuesday, and gave a preview of his upcoming budget address.

Evers talked about hot button issues like legalizing medical pot, tax cuts, and potentially bringing tolls to the state.

After starting his budget preview recommitting to adding $1.4 billion to state education, Evers addressed the two separate plans to cut middle class taxes by Democrats and Republicans.

“Everybody loves the middle class,” Evers said.

But the governor says he will likely veto Republicans plan for a ten percent tax cut, in favor of his own.

“This should be part of the budget. It should be part of the entire conversation.”

Evers says it’s too late to make tolls part of this transpiration budget, but thinks the proposal from republican leaders is interesting.

“In the past the different studies done by different governor’s kind of poo poo’d the tolling thing. But i think technology has kind of changed a lot, and i’m agnostic on it.”

The governor says he thinks he can get Republicans on board with his budget plan to legalize medical pot, and decriminalize possession of small amounts.

He says in the future, he might be able to go even farther.

“We have to take one step at a time, but this one has multiple issues," Evers said. "Do i think recreational marijuana is a possibility in this state? Yes. But it’s not going to happen right now.”

Evers also wants to accept federal medicaid funds despite GOP opposition. He says Wisconsinites think working together is more important than any policy issue in the budget.

“People want to solve problems. They want civility. They want to reach common ground.”

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